Emerging Leader – Maran Hawley ‘26

Our Emerging Leader series profiles some of our School’s emerging leaders from the Grade 9 class. For our first edition of this year, we meet Maran Hawley ‘26 from Port Williams, Nova Scotia. Maran began with us in Grade 7 in the middle of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the difficult days of online learning and social distancing, she has persevered through and has established herself as one of the leaders in our Junior School. A member of our Grade 9 welcome crew who came together before the school year began to plan for a great start to our year, Maran is the type of leader who quietly goes about ensuring that other people are taken care of. A budding musician, she plays bass in our jazz band and has also been very heavily involved in our theatrical productions as a leading member of our stage crew. Maran is also an avid volunteer, strong student, and a very capable athlete.

What does leadership mean to you?
For me, leadership is about being a friend to all. No matter what backgrounds or experiences people have, a leader needs to be welcoming, consistent, and positive. As a Grade 9 leader, it’s important to me that I am doing my best to take care of the younger students and to always be someone they feel comfortable talking with.
How would people describe you as leader?
I try to be someone that makes sure people are “seen”. I know that sometimes people can feel isolated and lonely, and I want to be the person who notices when others might need an extra smile or support. I also try to be patient and show tolerance, so I hope that others would see that in me. My friends would likely describe me as someone who is very organized, and at such a busy school like KES I think that’s been very helpful for me.

Who is a leader you look up to?
I try to learn from lots of people, and I appreciate qualities in classmates and older students in our School. The person I look up to the most, however, is my dad. It was only recently that I understood just how well he takes care of others and I admire the way he thinks about other people. When I was younger, he would always give me a package of Sweet Tarts and made sure I knew to share them with the people in my class. This small thing helped teach me the importance of thinking about others.

What are your goals for this year?
I’m really excited to pursue more of what I’m passionate about this year. I’m striving to be more well-rounded and really want to delve further into the arts this year. I also want to do my best in my classes and be a role model for others in the Junior School.
What advice would you share with younger students?
I would tell them to find things they love to do and enjoy. Also, I would encourage them to branch out with as many different people as they can. They might not feel like they’ve found their best friends right away, but the more people they get to know the closer they will be to finding the people who make them feel good. Also, at a school like ours, students in older grades are very welcoming so don’t think you can’t be friends with someone just because they are in an older grade.
Rory Campbell
Junior School Faculty
Basketball & Rugby Coach

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