Geodesic Domes Destination

Our Cape Breton Highland adventure was booked more than 18 months ago; however, due to COVID-19 restrictions, this trip was rescheduled for May 2022. Students and staff packed up and departed campus last Friday for what would be an extremely special and memorable experience for all.

On day one of the May long weekend excursion, our group stopped just outside of Inverness for a steep hike to Egypt Falls. The black flies were out in full force on this woodsy walk, but the students foraged ahead! Most students were brave enough to go into the pouring, chilly water from the falls and swim. Following the swim, we packed up and made our way up the Cabot Trail to Pleasant Bay where we checked into the geodesic domes at True North Destinations. The students were pleased with the drive, the incredible coastal views, and the luxurious accommodations. We had some hot tub time and a trip to the beach for sunset.

After a wonderful sleep in the geodesic domes, we woke up to sunny, warm porches overlooking the ocean. Students enjoyed a relaxed breakfast and then made their own packed lunches and set off to do some more exploring and hiking. The main event on day two of the trip was going to the Gypsum Mine Trail and Quarry just outside of Cheticamp. Again, the students shocked the chaperones and went swimming, jumping, and diving in frigid, crystal-clear waters. Students followed a narrow trail up to the summit of the hill to get the best view from of the quarry from the top of the cliffs. Some time was then spent at the Cheticamp Beach, throwing the frisbee, playing ball, and burying friends in the sand. After supper at Gabriel’s restaurant, the group headed back to the domes. The night ended with a beautiful campfire, complete with live music by Mr. Paul Baumann, smores, and sounds of the crashing waves in the background. Many students tried their best to win the “best toasted marshmallow” competition…but Emiliano Femat ’27 came out on top (perfectly golden-brown outside, gooey inside!). 

The final full day of the trip, despite being a little foggy at first, was also magical. The group hiked the Skyline Trail and enjoyed the views of the coastline and seeing the roller-coaster-like Cabot Trail in the distance. We didn’t spot any moose, but there were many piles of moose “droppings” along the way!

There was a final beach stop in Pleasant Bay with some swim and sunning options, and then we had a short time to relax before supper. From the decks of our domes, we were treated to a show of Minke whales casually cruising by! What an added bonus to the trip! Students enjoyed a traditional lobster dinner at the Rusty Anchor, which was just up the road from the domes. Almost everyone devoured the lobster dinner, complete with tea biscuits and cinnamon-maple butter, and strawberry shortcake for dessert.

On the final day, students had a quick stop in Baddeck for a tour on foot and some souvenir shopping. Some students tried the traditional Cape Breton “combination” pizza, which in Cape Breton, is the name for a pizza with peperoni, green peppers, and mushroom. After lots of car-ride stories, music, games, and snacks, the group made it back to campus safe and sound. Everyone had a wonderful time (including the chaperones), and the group was thankful for this little slice of heaven discovered in Pleasant Bay, Nova Scotia. Huge thanks to the trip chaperones, Shari Hadley and Paul Baumann, who helped with all trip details, including booking accommodations, buying groceries, making meals, driving, and leading hikes and other activities.

Monica Schafer
Director of Student Life and Wellness
Coach, Junior Soccer & Rugby

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