Congratulations Drew Zettler – Geography Champion!

Grade 9 student Drew Zettler is the 2022 Junior School Geography Challenge champion. A large group of enthusiastic students competed in over six rounds of 60 questions at a recent assembly. Teachers quickly marked their quizzes, and a final elimination round began. Drew entered the final round as a favorite as he has top marks and a keen interest in global geography. “My family plays geography games on long car trips,” he said. “My parents sometimes wondered if it would ever come in handy, well it did today.” He added with a smile.

The final competitors were Drew and his classmate Vinnie Armstrong. Drew won by identifying all five Great Lakes. Vinnie had four of the five. Drew said the only question he was a little worried about was what the country of Iran was previously referred to in antiquity. Drew correctly knew it was Persia.

Way to go, Drew!

Kevin Lakes
Junior School Faculty
Junior School Athletics Coordinator

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