The Lion King, Jr ROARS!

The Disney classic, The Lion King, Jr, came alive on our KES stage this past weekend as a stellar cast of twenty-three Junior School students entertained audiences of all ages in three public performances.  The epic adventures of the lion cub, Simba (Dulcie Upton ‘28/Lily Lloyd ‘28), were captured on stage as he struggled to accept the responsibilities of adulthood in his journey to becoming King. From Rafiki’s (Kelsea Griffiths ‘27) lessons about learning from the past to Mufasa’s wisdom explaining the circle of life themes of courage, respect, and overcoming challenges were delivered with poise and conviction.  Audiences laughed and sighed out loud. Well-delivered punch lines and the comedic antics of Timon (Will Larder ‘26) and Pumbaa (Chaz Faucher ‘26) kept everyone in stitches. The stage was transformed into the lively African Savanna with amazing choreography (Laura Oulton ‘27), singing, and dancing. What talent! The entire cast brought energy and emotion to the stage and worked collectively to make The Lion King, Jr a winning performance. Special thanks are extended to each member of the cast and crew, the backstage directors, and the many hands that made this show such a success. Hats off to our director, Mr. Jonathan Cheverie, for his exceptional artistic abilities and leadership, Ms. Stephanie Fillman for her musical direction, and Hannah Stilwell, our production assistant. The Lion King, Jr will provide memories for years to come. Hakuna Matata!

Taya Shields
Junior School Director

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