Meet our Grade 12 IB Visual Art Students

Our Grade 12 students in the IB visual arts and the academic art courses have come together this term to complete the International Baccalaureate visual arts programme. The students are preparing for their final exhibition and exam which will take place in April.
After the March break, our students will be focusing on setting up their exhibition, writing a rationale and exhibition texts, and uploading their artwork. In April, the exhibition will be displayed for two weeks in our Stanfield Dining Hall/McLellan Annex.
It has taken months of preparation, and each student is required to produce a number of studio artworks based on their direction or theme. This year, we have 18 Grade 12 students who will be exhibiting their work. The Grade 11 students will also take part in this exhibition by assisting the Grade 12 students with their displays, and they will also be given the opportunity to exhibit two of their artworks.
During the next month, we will be showcasing our artists in our weekly newsletter highlighting one of their favourite art projects they have completed during this two-year course. I hope you enjoy reading the profiles of our budding, young artists.
This week we are highlighting Bella Turner-Galaise, Maya Faucher, and Gabby Thong.
Bella Turner-Galaise is from North River, Prince Edward Island and has been at KES for four years.
What artwork did you choose to share?
I chose this large painting of “Finn” to share with everyone which is an acrylic painting (36 inches by 42 inches). It was inspired by a photograph that I took at Borden, overlooking the Confederation Bridge. I grew up in this area and have a lot of childhood memories there. This photo of Finn (my brother) reminded me of these memories, playing in the water. I have experimented using other paint but decided to use acrylic paint for this work. I also wanted to include the Confederation Bridge to represent Prince Edward Island. It was one of the first times that I had worked on this large format. My artwork that will be displayed in the IB exhibition is focused on my family enjoying the water as well as the theme of wrestling which is one of my passions.
Future Plans: I plan to attend university and wrestling.
Maya Faucher is from Quebec and Nova Scotia and has been at KES for seven years.
What artwork did you choose to share?
I chose the series “Summer 2021” of watercolours to share with everyone. Since Grade 11, I have had an interest in watercolours and wanted to work more with this medium in Grade 12. I was also inspired by the transfer project that we did this year in art class. This watercolour series includes six small watercolours that represents happy times that I had with my friends in the summer of 2021. I wanted to create a series and decided to display them together within the same frame. The colours are warm which represent the summer days and my favourite days of the summer. The rest of my work reflects my family and the places that I have lived which will be on display in the IB exhibition in April.
Future Plans: I plan to attend Saint Frances Xavier University.
Gabby Thong is from Trinidad and Tobago and has been at KES for two years.
What artwork did you choose to share?
I decided to share the drawing “Library Spiral Staircase” with everyone. I did this drawing for my interior design portfolio. I chose this staircase in the library because of the intricate design and the history of the library building which is on the School property. I drew this from observation, and I also took a few photos to help with the light source. This is one of the most intricate and detailed drawing that I have completed. My artwork that will be on display during the IB exhibition is a combination of mixed media, sculpture and painting which all reflect my culture and my home. This drawing is important to me since it reflects our school which in a sense is my home too.
Future Plans: I plan to attend university in Canada.
Sandy Stewart
Junior and Senior School Art Teacher

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