Cadet Winter Carnival 2022

So far in 2022, almost every weekend brought a winter storm to Atlantic Canada. We mumbled and grumbled and pulled out the shovels and the snowblowers. We all got sore backs and were just a little bit tired of winter. Then came the 10th of February, the Cadet Winter Carnival kicked off and everybody loved the snow. We have done it before on green grass and on bitter cold days. Remember my brilliant idea of 500 feet of frozen plastic? I still carry the scars. But yesterday was great. We kicked off the morning with the senior day boys drumming me over to my perch to give the briefing. Following the never-ending speech, we had the ever-popular blind volleyball where we saw the staff team emerge victorious. Who knew? The morning saw a full range of events from the turkey shoot through to the snowshoe race and the toboggan race down a wicked fast front hill. Rumour has it that the senior day boys earned a disqualification in that event. Hmmm… The hot chocolate station and the bonfire were once again a great focal point enjoyed by all. This year we introduced a new element. Each flat produced a flat flag. These came in all varieties of colour and design. The junior day girls put lots of effort into the production and came out victorious with the best flag. Well done, ladies! There were some beautiful efforts that went into the snow and ice sculptures. The senior day boys gave a very impressive design of Dylan the Highlander along with the year 2022 molded out of ice. Great job! Lunch time rolled around, and the dining room staff treated us to a great meal.

All competitions come to an end, and this year we had the much bragged about 3Peat as the old senior day boys charged to another well-fought victory. Well done to all of our cadets and staff. The pandemic we don’t like to talk about may be around, but today proved that with good planning and great execution we can still have lots of fun together as a team. What a great day to be a cadet in the 254 and a member of King’s-Edgehill School!!

Major Keith Hynes
Commanding Officer
254 KES Cadet Corps
Cadet Winter Carnival Snow Sculptures
One of the exciting activities that took place in the afternoon of our winter carnival day was the building of snow sculptures. The snow and air temperatures were perfect for creating fantastic works of art!

The houses were given a limited time to make their creations and then they were judged. Teachers Ms. Toven MacLean ‘01, Mrs. Misty Atwater and I had the difficult task of judging these wonderful creations. It was a perfect day to walk around the campus and enjoy the sculptures. It was lots of fun, and they were all winners in our eyes!

Sandy Stewart
Junior and Senior School Art Teacher
Cadets at KES
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