The Most Disgusting Spot!

With our senior students taking advantage of distance learning this week, our juniors suddenly had a whole lot more space to move, laugh, and learn. While walking through the hallway one day, it was hard to miss the gaggle of Grade 6 students from Mr. Kershaw’s Science class gleefully inspecting nooks and crannies with petri dishes and small sponges in hand. “What are you all up to, anyways?” I asked. “We are looking for the most disgusting spot!” they replied in joyful unison before continuing on their search.

Mr. Kershaw’s class is currently studying a unit on bacteria and his students were tasked with finding places around the school where bacteria could best grow, collecting them and culturing them on agar plates. While the thought of finding bacteria may seem counterculture in this time of cleanliness and sanitization, the reality according to Mr. Kershaw is that this is really their planet and all we can do is learn how to live with them. The students had a great time and are looking forward to seeing what grows on their plates over the next two weeks.

Mr. Kershaw has assured us that in just a few short weeks he will be able to provide some pictures of what his students have grown (in their petri dishes, of course!).

Rory Campbell
Junior School Faculty
Basketball & Rugby Coach

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