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Emerging Leader - Danica Scully

Danica Scully (Grade 9), a first-year student here at KES, is our latest Emerging Leader worthy of recognition. Despite joining our school just this year, Danica quickly made a name for herself as a leader in and out of the classroom. Her teachers are thrilled by her academic rigour, curiosity, and high standards, while her peers appreciate her kind and empathetic nature. Danica travels to KES each morning from her home in Tantallon, NS, but throughout the winter her day starts even earlier with a club soccer practice! Once here on campus, Danica has taken full advantage of every opportunity presented to her. She is a standout in the classroom, on the Prep Girls’ Soccer team, and also on the debating stage. Danica, who already won her coveted ‘sleeves’ (given exclusively to students who have won provincial championships) in debating this year, will soon be representing KES and Nova Scotia at a national debating tournament. There is no doubt that her keen intellect, critical thinking, and oration skills will once again be on display.
What does leadership mean to you?
Helping people when they need it and being a brave face when times are tough. To me, a brave face is being supportive and being a positive presence during difficult times. Also, having the courage to take charge when needed.
In your opinion, what makes a good leader?
A good leader definitely has presence and is someone who is reliable and easy to talk to. Being welcoming and friendly are very important traits.
How would others describe your leadership style?
People would say I’m pretty outgoing, someone who is not afraid to speak up and they might even say I’m loud sometimes (😊).
Who do you look up to in terms of leadership?
With soccer big part of my life, especially this year, I really look up to (Soccer Co-Captains) Neila MacDonald and Jill Griffith. They are two great leaders who are very supportive, and I trust with anything on and off the field.
What is an area that you’ve grown in this year?
Something that has helped me grow is working on my time management skills. The commute time to school is different especially with my out of school soccer commitments right now. I’ve learned to take advantage of the free time during the day. As I’ve become more involved at school, I realize how important it is to make sure I’m managing my time effectively.
If you could give a new student at KES one piece of advice, what would it be?
Don’t be afraid to talk to people because people here are very kind and welcoming.  I met one of my best friends this year and if I didn’t talk with her early on like I did, I don’t know if that friendship would have blossomed the same way.
What are your goals for the year?
My goal at the beginning of the year was to earn good marks and do well in my classes. While there is still room to improve there, I also want to branch out a little bit in different areas. I’ve never really been involved in the arts, but the arts here at KES are very immersive so I’m excited to participate in this year’s Junior School play.
J. Rory Campbell
Junior English and Technology Teacher
Girls’ Rugby and Basketball Coach

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