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Connect, Converse, Catch-Up

Mr. Lakes shares this week’s conversation with Alumni Dr. John Kielty (1995-99) of Deer Lake, Newfoundland.
If you have lived in Deer Lake, Newfoundland at any time during the past four decades, you know of Dr. John Kielty.  The question is: Which one?
The John Kielty I fondly remember, graduated from King’s-Edgehill School in 1999.  He is a family physician, having taken over the reins of the practice from his father, Dr. John Kielty, Sr.  John worked alongside his father for his first seven years after graduating from medical school in Ireland. He now operates a bustling family practice in his hometown, while also playing a crucial role in his community as a sporting mentor.
I was delighted to “catch-up” with John recently and hear that he is thriving, as is his father in retirement.  John Jr’s wife, Dr. Susan Russell, is a pediatrician and their sons, Blake (11) and Jack (9), are emerging as well-rounded athletes. John heads the local junior golf programme, coaches soccer and hockey, and loves to pursue snow sports at nearby Marble Mountain.
Not surprisingly, John and Susan met in an Irish pub, a great venue to start a jovial and meaningful life.  Beyond the couple taking care of the rural community’s health needs, John has embraced coaching. Deer Lake is growing as many Newfoundlanders are drawn to the region for its beauty and access to the airport. The fjords of Gros Morne National Park are stunning; however, many men from the community follow the jobs to the oil fields of Alberta and are away for long periods of time. John has filled a vital role for the children in the community as a coach and caregiver through all the seasons.
One of my memories of John is a game of basketball in Halifax in 1995, in which we were tied with seconds left, and the opposing coach was given a technical foul.

Mr. Bouwman turned to me and said, “Let’s have John take the shots!”
I was a bit surprised as he wasn’t our best shooter, so I asked, “Why, John?” 
“Because he is a golfer,” said Mr. Bouwman.
 “What does that have to do with it,” I responded incredulously with logical confidence.
“He’s used to putting a ball in a hole while everyone is watching,” responded Mr. Bouwman, taking logic to a new level.
John took the shots and made at least one, allowing us to come home with the victory!
To watch John’s video, please click here
Mr. Kevin Lakes
Junior School 
Teacher/Coach/Junior School Athletics

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