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Snowboard Cross Championships

A wonderful and exciting Snowboard Cross season culminated in the NSSAF Provincial Championship Race on Monday March 9th. We are very proud of our athletes who always gave nothing but their best.
Below are the results of the Regional and Provincial races.
Regional Races - Final Results:
Intermediate Girls 1st place - Doreen Xing, Roberta Galicia, Kayla Jarvis

Intermediate Boys 1st place - Aden O’Callaghan, Zach Logan, Greyson Corbett-Lumb, Nate Montgomery, Luca Graham

Senior Girls 1st place - Camryn Kleynhans, Rhyan Rusaw, Laura Arenburg, Madison Taljaard

Senior Boys 2nd place - Evan Logan, Will Fleming, Jem Logan, Aidan Hennigar, Keiller White, Griffin Wheatley

Junior Boys 2nd place - Fox Sullivan, Alex Graham, Jose Diaz
Provincial Races – Final Results:

Intermediate Boys 1st place - (PROVINCIAL CHAMPION) - Luca Graham (fastest time of all 107 racers)

Junior Boys 2nd place - Fox Sullivan

Intermediate Girls 3rd place - Doreen Xing
Intermediate Boys 1st place – (PROVINCIAL CHAMPIONS) - Aden O’Callaghan, Zach Logan, Greyson Corbett-Lumb, Nate Montgomery, Luca Graham

Junior Boys 2nd place - Fox Sullivan, Alex Graham, Jose Diaz
It was a fantastic first season as coaches for Nic Robichaud and me. We learned so many new things, and it was great to be involved with the snowboard varsity programme. Special thanks to Mrs. Dufour and Mr. Smith for their ongoing support, and there was great spirit among our skiers and snowboarders. We also have a big thank you to Kimberly Sutherland who offered amazing practice sessions twice a week. It was incredibly beneficial to our students and coaches. Last, but not least, I thank Coach Robichaud and the whole team for making this an unforgettable season. There was a great spirit of competitiveness combined with a fantastic attitude to improve each day. Our captains, Evan and Will, did an amazing job generating a very positive atmosphere; they were true leaders on and off the hill.
Sven Dietrich
Sr. D1 Soccer & Snowboard Coach
Middle Milner Houseparent
Jr. ELL Teacher
Sr. German & FAR Teacher

Academics, Athletics, the Arts, and Leadership are the four pillars of a KES education. We created several short videos that show our students excelling as whole, well-rounded, vivacious young people. 

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KES inspires academic, athletic and artistic excellence with a commitment to the traditional community ideals of gentleness and learning, dignity and respect, so that students may discover and cultivate their unique potential, prepare for post-secondary education and develop a life-long enthusiasm for the spiritual and intellectual growth necessary to flourish in the contemporary world.

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