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Hunting the Schnitzel on a Beautiful Day in Lunenburg

What do you get when you translate “Schnitzeljagd” literally? ‘Schnitzel hunt” or “The Hunt for the Schnitzel” – the latter could indeed be the title of an exciting novel. The 8 students of the 11 IB German ab initio class were about to find out what a “Schnitzeljagd” really is when they accompanied Herrn Dietrich and Frau Becker for a field trip to Lunenburg last Thursday. It is well known that the picturesque town on Nova Scotia’s South Shore had been populated by quite a large number of German-speaking settlers in the 18th century. Remnants of this German heritage can be found in street names, local family names, and in some cuisine. Thus, Lunenburg made for a fitting destination for the German students who are currently not only tackling the sometimes very challenging German language, but also the culture of the German-speaking world in their IB classroom.

Upon arrival in Lunenburg, the students dove into their “Schnitzeljagd”. A number of entertaining and educational tasks took our German learners all over the small town. In a specific amount of time, they had to fulfill as many tasks as possible as correctly and as neatly as possible. So, can you now guess what a “Schnitzeljagd” actually is? Yes, you are correct! A scavenger hunt! To make sure that the students were not disappointed that the above literal translation does not actually include any Schnitzels, we visited the “Old Black Forest Restaurant” afterwards. This cozy little German cuisine restaurant in Lunenburg did indeed serve the famous pork chop called “Schnitzel” as well as a number of other popular national dishes and treats like “Spätzle”, “Bratkartoffeln“, Apfelstrudel”, or “Schwarzwälderkirschtorte”. While we were waiting for the food, we learned about the history of Lunenburg in both German and English ... and then the food was served and all there was left to say was “Guten Appetit!”

The German food odyssey continued when we were baking “Nutella Bällchen” (Nutella Balls) and “Erdbeerrolle” (Strawberry Roll) during class the following day. The students did an amazing job, and while it is obvious to remark that the outcome was truly delicious, we have never seen a strawberry roll creation done with such precision as we saw from Radka and Ella (See the picture!). Wunderbar!

Frau Cynthia Becker
German Teacher

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