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Vocal Lessons Come to Life

King's-Edgehill School is fortunate to have a collection of excellent Music teachers who come onto our campus and give private instruction to some of our most conscientious students. Such is the case with our vocal coach, Ms. Amanda LeBlanc. Last Tuesday night, Ms. LeBlanc held a recital and put her students in front of an audience so that they could demonstrate the skills that they have been taught in their weekly lessons. The students' experience with singing range from 8 months to Joanna Bond's impressive 7 years under Amanda's tutelage. All of the musicians stepped up and delivered convincing performances. As we're coming very close to the end of the school year, everyone is conscious of graduation. This recital series is kind of special: Joanna Bond is graduating from KES after her 7-year tenure as a figurehead of our Performing Arts programme. She and fellow pending Grade 12 graduate, Elizabeth Walsh (Elizabeth has also been a cornerstone of our various School bands.) are featured twice in these, their last-ever performances at KES. In June, the Junior School also recognizes the Grade 9 students who are graduating from the Junior School into our Senior School. It has become customary for select students from this class to perform For Good, a song that speaks to friendship, differences and acceptance. Gabby Strickey, Taylor Cole, and Hannah Bryant performed this piece as a warm up to their graduation celebration that took place on Wednesday evening. They will continue to bring music to life at KES for years to come. Both graduation and the power of the performing arts evoke a lot of emotion, and I will try to capture and share this with you in these last two remaining weeks of our 2018-2019 school year.

Enjoy the show!

The performance time line is as follows:

Maya Faucher & Hannah Bryant – beginning
Joanna Bond accompanied by Elisabeth Walsh - 2:22
Joelle Gordon - 6:03
Jaewon Woo accompanied by Ms. LeBlanc - 12:09
Hannah Bryant accompanied by Ms. Leblanc - 16:16
Quinn Emery - 20:47
Taylor Cole accompanied by Ms. LeBlanc - 22:50
Maya Faucher accompanied by Elizabeth Walsh - 27:48
Gabby Strickey & Taylor Cole, accompanied by Hannah Bryant - 33:02
Joanna Bond accompanied by Elisabeth Walsh - 37:33

Jeff Smith
Director of Visual & Performing Arts

Achievements like this make parents so proud! We find that most parents of King's-Edgehill students are happy to help out whenever they can, and are eager to answer any questions prospective parents might have. 

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