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Senior Girls Cross Country Earn Gold

Our KES toughness was on full display in the beautifully scenic area of Cheticamp, Cape Breton on Monday, October 22.  Our 6km race against the best that Nova Scotia has to offer took place on the green fairways of LePortage Golf Club.  The mercury hovered just above freezing, but when you include the 40 km/h wind, it definitely felt well below zero.  Once the flurries stopped flying we walked away with our first ever* Senior Girls Championship Banner for King’s-Edgehill School.
Led by super KES athlete Tea Racozzi ‘19 and Aria MacDonald ‘21 (just steps behind), they finished in 8th and 9th out of nearly 100 Senior girls.  It’s not often that I feel bad for someone during a cross country race, but I did for two separate people who I saw racing Tea. In both cases I thought: You don’t know how much hurt you need to pass, Tea.  Racozzi’s first words to me after the race were: I turned around and saw Aria right there!  That’s so awesome!  That’s a great teammate!  Some people make running fast look easy, but not Aria.  Looking at her, you know it’s difficult, she’s in pain - but she keeps moving as fast as she can! I think that’s a great look and an example to all and definitely her best race to date (with much more to come).  Thank you for going that extra kilometer!  Antonia Ziegler‘19 ran out fast and she fought hard for six full kilometers, had there been an extra 100m then we might have carried her off. Fellow graduating senior Lindsay Hogan ‘19 let others run out too fast and then reeled them back in, passing at least 10 struggling competitors along the way to the championship finish.  In the case of Hogan and Ziegler, it is amazing how far they have come since first lacing up their shoes.  Their leadership in practices and races will be sorely missed. Teresa Musi ‘20 definitely had her best race of the season.  We knew she had to beat the #5 runner from our competition in case there was a tie, and she ended up doing that by a long ways. There was no doubt that Madison Talijaard ‘20 was in discomfort from a bad stitch in her side.  From far away I yelled: ‘Run Tall - Swing Your Arms! And she mustered the energy to do just that and gain a few steps faster. Her mental fortitude showed through this race as she had several surges to try and catch the next person in line. Kate Smith ‘19 was bandaged up good and ready with the positivity to not only survive the day, but thrive. Alone for much of the second half (which is always an added difficulty to be caught between packs), I asked her if she could be any more huffy-puffy, and her response was best - just more huff and puff.  
Having graduated so many of our 2017 Provincial Champions Boys’ team, we knew it was going to be a very difficult year to finish on the podium. Our sole returning champion, Luis Espinosa ‘19 did his best crossing the line in 9th.  Espinosa was great tactically, moving up from 20th after the first kilometer as he steadily played catch and drop.  Edward He ‘21 was our number two guy today and given that he has two years left, we will clearly be benefiting from his leadership and toughness for a while yet as he battled the mud with the best of them.  Having his best cross country race ever was David McCurdy ‘19 as our number three runner.  Last year, David was number 8 at his old high school, and today he was just seconds away from being their number three!  That is super improvement, and we are thankful to have him with us - if only for a year.    Moving up from 200 meters to 6000 meters, Andrew Atwood ‘20 is a lot more of a distance runner than he ever was and yet still every bit the sprinter.  Better again, I think he’s going to be very surprised by how he can out-hustle everyone on the basketball court. It was hard not to look at the wet and mud splattered Gavin Liu ‘20 today and not feel cold!  He was our number five man today, working hard to make sure if there was a tie that he would be faster than the other teams’ number five.  Liu had a much faster race today than at Regionals one week ago, and the look of exhaustion on him showed the toll.
*(At least in our current institutional knowledge.  In the 2000 XC season coaches Mrs. Heather Strickey, Mr. John Kennedy and Ms. Taya Shields forged a silver medal performance from their team - our previous girls’ team best, and all three still strongly with KES!).
Mr. Brodi Robinson and I have many people who have helped us deliver the best programme we can offer. A very special thank you to Mr. Kim Walsh for his continued support as Athletic Director and a special thank you to Ms. Kim Shanks for arranging all of our travel details, especially the last minute ones.  Thank you, to our always supportive Headmaster, Mr. Joe Seagram, and to Ms. Twila MacDonald for all our great food.  Behind-behind the scenes helping with finances and visas are Ms. Joanne Greenslade, and Ms. Janet Naugler: thank you, both. And, last but not least, supporting all athletes and always a positive influence whether present or not, Mr. Guy Payne - thank you.
Phillip Hadley
Math 10/11/12/Calculus Teacher
Head Coach Cross Country and Track and Field
IAAF Level V Endurance 

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