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April 18, 2022
Dear Parents and Guardians, 
We have become very good at pivoting and changing over the last two years – however, change doesn’t always happen as quickly as we’ve become accustomed to. My letter from March 8, 2022, regarding the plan following March Break, stated that positive cases of COVID-19 would be asked to remain at home until symptoms resolve. I have recently spoken to a health protection manager at Nova Scotia Public Health regarding the plan for positive cases after March 21 and was informed that there will be no change to the current rule with the lifting of restrictions. All positive cases, asymptomatic or symptomatic, will be expected to self-isolate for seven days from the date of the positive test result. This is not a change to what we currently do, but a clarification to the plan I had sent out earlier this month. I am including the most recent information regarding isolation and what to do if a positive case is discovered within your home.
Additionally, as per updated Public Health Guidelines, masks will continue to be worn during the academic day for the next few weeks. We will continue to evaluate this on an ongoing basis.
Effective Monday, April 11, we are going to be wearing masks in all areas of the school buildings. This includes the student lounge and the cafeteria (when not eating). Students may remove their masks when on their own flats. Students visiting other rooms in boarding are to wear a mask.
The rest of the plan for return to classes remains the same, as per my letter dated March 8, 2022:
  • Students and staff will be asked to test with a rapid test within 24 hours prior to returning on March 28.
  • Masks will be worn in classrooms, assemblies, chapel, vans, and buses.
  • Boarders will be permitted to go mask free in the dorms and cafeteria on weekends.
  • Twice a week asymptomatic testing of all students will continue (testing will likely continue throughout the term, schedule to be determined). Tests will be sent home for day students.
  • No masks will be required in the athletic centre or for sports.
  • Spectators visiting the athletic centre to attend games will be expected to wear a mask.
  • Should a student or staff test positive they will be expected to self isolate for seven days from the date of the positive result. Additional isolation information is available here
  • We will not be notifying close contacts. 
As announced by the Department of Education and Dr. Strang on April 13, 2022, masks will remain mandatory during the school day, until May 20, 2022. Given the uptick of COVID-19 cases that are being reported within the province, the students and staff at King’s-Edgehill school will follow this mandate as well.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out by email if you have any questions.

Warmest regards
Sue Cole, RN BN
Director of Health Services
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