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Track of Payne

If you have been watching the KES newsfeeds, you know that September 2018 heralded a new era for King’s-Edgehill Athletics. We built Canada’s safest and best new synthetic turf sports field! Surrounding our new turf field is an 8 lane running track. At this point, it’s dirt and crusher dust but we’re inspired to get this track finished, paved and rubberized, to honour KES legend, Guy Payne.

Guy came to KCS in 1967 as a young teacher and stayed here for the duration of his teaching and coaching career. Although officially retired, Guy has entered his 52nd year of giving back to King’s-Edgehill School through mentoring, coaching, and inspiring Student Athletes both on and off the running track.

More than 350 athletes, plus the KES Community at large, will benefit from the introduction of this new sports facility. To get this track complete, we need to raise 1.2 million dollars! We are asking the KES Community to to help us build the "Track of Payne" by making a gift of ANY amount in honour of Guy Payne.

As we continue our fundraising efforts throughout the coming year, we hope you will spread the word of the “Track of Payne” and we promise to keep you up to date on our progress!

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Track of Payne Honour Roll

First Name Last Name In Honour or Memory
Andre Amiro
Youngha An
Ruth Archibald (In Memory of James Grant Archibald)
Misty Atwater (In Honour of Harvey and Bianca Atwater)
Liliana Avila
Kathy Bonang
Derek and Sue Bouwman
Sarah Campbell
Carly Campbell
Heather Carter
Brian Casey
Sean and Keli Cheverie (In Honour of Nick Cheverie, Class of 2019)
Clara and Federico Cisneros
Avery and Grady Cohen
John and Kristina Couglin
Marilyn Curry
David Curry
Kolbi Daniels
Chelsey Davidson
Marshall Davidson
Tyler Davidson
Henry Demone (In Honour of Guy Payne)
Alex von der Heide
Mary Ann and Ken Dufour
Dawn Duhart
Josh Dupigny
Erin Emmerson
Glen Faucher
Maya and Chaz Faucher
Marc Ffrench
Angie Folker
Juanita Giles (In Honour of Samantha Giles, Class of 2019)
Tara Goulden
Penny Gountas
Joanne Greenslade
Phillip Hadley
Megan Harris
Andrew, Jacklyn, Amelia and Jack Humphrey
Jane Hurley
Darlene Jamieson
Kyra Jarvis
Kayla Jarvis
Anne Jollymore
Arch Jollymore
Karen Jones (In Honour of Guy Payne)
Alex and Tannis Jurgens
Kate Jurgens
Claire Jurgens
Kevin Lakes (In Honour of Guy Payne and all track coaches past, present and future)
Patrick LePoidevon
Stephen Lockyer (In Honour of Spencer Lockyer, Class of 2019)
Michael Lynch
Faye Lynch
Liam Lynch
Sarah Lynch
Twila MacDonald
Cathy MacGregor
Becky MacInnis
Ashley McConnell-Gordon
Rod McFarlane
Liam, Braden, and Duncan McLaughlin
Henri Medina
Alejandro Moreno
Jillian Murphy
John Naugler
Janet Naugler
Anton Nestel
Jake Oulton
Alex Oulton
Derek Parker
Katharine Pereira-Betance
Celia Peters
Alfred Poon
Santiago Probert
Barbara and Richard Redden (In Honour of Conor Redden, Class of 2017)
Bill Redden
Margie (Pattison) and Ken Rock
Robert Rock
Rachel Rock
Abigail Rock
Douglas and Heather Rock
Charlie Rock
Linny Rock
Joey Rock
Emmy Rock
Alan Rogers
George Rogers
Monica Schafer
Jenn Shaw (In Honour of Gabrielle Shaw, Class of 2025)
Phil Shed
Beverly Smith (In Honour of Madeleine Smith, Class of 2019)
Jeff Smith
Julia Strickey
Gabby Strickey
Chris Strickey
Heather Strickey
Mark-Philipp  Wilhelms
John Traves
Mike Uberoi
Thomas Vincent (In Memory of C. Elizabeth Vincent)
Jan-Christopher Wilhelms (In Memory of Brandon Smith, Class of 2010)
Scott Huntington
Michael S. Rowan- Legg
Alan Wass
Holly, Ben, and Sam Ross In Memory of Tim Ross
Sarah  Trask Duggan
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