About "Prep Groups"

“Prep groups” are mandatory for Grade 12 students, and they begin the second week of the School year and continue until the end of the term. Prep groups consist of about 12 students, and it is an opportunity for students to learn about and discuss various topics such as:

  • types and levels of degree programmes
  • application processes
  • scholarships—how to find them and how to apply for them
  • advantages and disadvantages of small and large universities
  • how to find a university that is a good fit for you
  • reasons which cause first year students to interrupt or leave their studies
  • prerequisite requirements for admission to all programmes including professional and graduate schools
  • career possibilities arising from various areas of study
  • what to expect in first year university (both academically and socially)
  • how to maximize chances for success at the post-secondary level - study habits, time management
An extensive university guide is posted on the prep group home page for active members of the school.

Additional Information

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  • One on One

    Selecting and applying to a university is an important decision. At King’s-Edgehill, we are committed to giving our students the personalized support they need. Our one on one counseling service helps to:
    • Minimum of one weekly meeting
    • Individualizes and resolves issues and concerns raised in the prep classes
    • Individualized application/scholarship strategy developed with student and family input
    • Address concerns of the student which were not raised during prep group meetings
    • Consistent communication with each student's academic advisor
    • Proofread applications, including required essay questions, etc.
  • Scholarships and Applications

    • There are many private and corporate scholarships available. Students (and parents) are encouraged to research which scholarships may be applicable to them.
    • Most Canadian scholarships are awarded by the universities based on transcript grades.
    • There are more prestigious scholarships (e.g. Chancellor's, President's, Faculty scholarships) which require nomination by the School.
    • The nominations for these scholarships are determined after each of the top 20 ranked students (based on November averages) are interviewed by the nomination committee.
  • University Applications

    • Students are encouraged to procure their own university applications. Copies are then proofread and necessary corrections noted; only then are students permitted to fill in the original. Application essays (if required) are also proofread and each student is assisted in developing the theme and content for his/her application essays
    • Students are given deadline dates for submission of all applications to my office. (All important dates are listed in each student's KES Daily Planner)
    • Applications, along with fees, letters of recommendation and transcripts are sent by the School to each university in question. Fees are subsequently billed to the student's school account unless parents have made other arrangements with me or Mrs. Naugler (Student Records).
    • Applications to Ontario will be made online and the fees charged to the student’s account.
  • Financial Aid

    We support our students in securing the financial aid they require to further their education at the post-secondary level.
    It’s useful to know that Nova Scotia residents apply for financial aid through the provincial government - even if they are studying elsewhere. Meanwhile, some U.S. universities require the CSS Profile form.
    While many students and families prefer to complete financial aid forms on their own, we offer administrative assistance, and can act on behalf of our students, if they wish.
  • Testing and SAT

    • Testing is not only an entrance requirement for some post-secondary institutions. It’s also a valuable tool in crafting an education and career plan that plays upon your strengths.
    • We are pleased to offer our students various tests including Choices, Jackson Inventory, and Myers Briggs to help them uncover the courses of study and career paths that suit them best.
    • KES is an official test centre for SATs and PSATs, and these tests are offered in October, December, January and June of each year. (PSATs are written by Grade Eleven honours students in October).
    • SATs are written in October, November, December, January, May, and June of each year (PSATs are written by Grade Eleven honours students in Oct.)
    • SAT test center supervisor receives and administers the tests and so can offer coaching for the tests in a very limited way
    • Registration Deadlines and Test Dates are in the KES Daily Planner
    • Registration fees charged to the student's account
    • BE MORE
KES inspires academic, athletic and artistic excellence with a commitment to the traditional community ideals of gentleness and learning, dignity and respect, so that students may discover and cultivate their unique potential, prepare for post-secondary education and develop a life-long enthusiasm for the spiritual and intellectual growth necessary to flourish in the contemporary world.

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